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Quality Assurance and Quality Control


Quality Assurance and Quality Control

At NEC, the scrutiny begins before the material is ever selected, shipped and received at the loading dock.

When considering a new raw material or new supplier of a raw material, there are strict procedures in place that take into consideration such things as the supplier’s SOPs, its publically available government and regulatory enforcement history, its certifications, allergen and kosher statements, and ordering requirements. NEC representatives have visited suppliers across the globe to ensure quality standards are maintained throughout the manufacturing process.

Then, once the supplier is selected and material is received, each raw material undergoes intense scrutiny to ensure its quality. We test it with a, third-party lab per FDA regulations to verify identity, purity, strength and composition as well as NEC requirements to verify the suppliers’ certificate of analysis. These testing prerequisites include a gambit of microbiological testing, chemical identification and potency testing by an ISO 9001:2008 certified and ISO 17025:2005 accredited facility.

Our Quality Control department pulls samples of the raw material to send for lab testing. The material then enters the manufacturing process.

The manufacturing process itself is also put under the microscope. A program of environmental swabbing is carried out through the micro lab to continually monitor the effectiveness of our sanitation procedures.

Even when a product is complete, our quality assurance isn’t. We screen all finished products one more time for microbiological contamination before a product leaves our plant.

Staying true to our commitment to exceed expectations and move the industry in a positive and progressive manner, our manufacturing practices and facilities, which include our handling of raw materials, are inspected by NSF and TGA.

NSF is an independent organization, which tests, audits, and certifies products and systems. NEC has been certified by NSF to be compliant with all applicable GMPs. For a product to receive NSF certification, it must be rigorously tested at NSF labs for: verification that contents of the supplement match what is printed on the label; assurance that there are no ingredients present in the supplement that aren’t openly disclosed on the label; and assurance that there are no unacceptable levels of contaminants present in the supplement. Dietary supplements manufactured at NEC can claim NSF Certified or NSF Certified for Sports, which is recognized by the NFL, MLB, PGA, LPGA and Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sports, if requested, tested and approved.

TGA certification allows NEC to manufacture, label and package finished products for shipment to Australia. This clearance is extremely rare in the dietary supplement industry in the U.S., and being one of a few facilities with this distinction in the U.S. is one that NEC prides itself in. Additionally, NEC is able to perform Release for Supply on its products for Australian customers. With this certification comes bi-annual inspection of the NEC manufacturing facilities and quality assurance processes.