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The food grade lactoperoxidase enzyme used in National Enzyme Company products is a greenish brown powder of peroxidase, purified from the protein fraction of bovine milk. Lactoperoxidase catalyzes the conversion of hydrogen peroxide to water.


Currently there are no FCC or USP activity units for lactoperoxidase.


Lactoperoxidase is used in the preservation of food and non-food products and as an oral health supplement to promote healthy bacterial balance of the oral cavity.

Shelf Life:

When refrigerated and kept dry, the declared activity of lactoperoxidase is maintained for one year.


Other Characteristics:

The temperature stability of lactoperoxidase depends upon pH; the enzyme is more stable at acidic than at alkaline pH. For example, under acidic conditions the enzyme is stable to 100°C (212°F); however, in an alkaline medium, it quickly loses lytic activity as temperature rises.

Moisture: Maximum of 6 percent
Solubility: Freely soluble in water
pH (2% solution): 5.8 to 6.8 at 20°C


Nothing disclosed above is to be construed as a recommendation to use our product in violation of any patents. The information presented above is believed to be accurate. However, said information and products are offered without warranty or guarantee except as to the composition and purity stated herein since the ultimate conditions of use and variability of the materials treated are beyond our control.

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